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fAN Archive: Out of State. Funny Things happened on the Way…

With works from Kristin Kelich, Bianca Regl, Maja Vukoje, Kay Walkowiak.

Finissage: 15.9.2018, ab 19:00
 7.8.2018, ab 19:00
Duration: 8.8.–15.9.2018
Venue: c/o ofroom, Marxergasse 42, 1030 Vienna

Only the concentration on the motive of the contact, the multiple transcultural moments of exchange and interrelations, and the investigation of this multifaceted contact is capable of dissolving the dichotomous structures inscribed in the Global Art History.

Only in contact and often in conflictual confrontations with others embody phases of change. Artistic and politically interested encounters of at least two actors in the field of tension between cooperation and confrontation seem to hold potential for overcoming the dichotomy of Western and non-European (art) stories.

What, then, are the motives and conditions that enable certain actors to think or do something specific at a certain point in time and thus to exceed the spaces of thought and action assigned to their subject positions?

The artistic positions shown here negotiate, very differently, these aesthetic, ideological and strategic fault lines.



Irene Gellein
Finissage mit djHurbus + fogmachine
5.6.2018, 19:00



Your friend in every day life The new vision is “Your friend in everyday life”, a vision that is underpinned by the values “brave”, “trustworthy” and “inspiring”. Branded consumer goods play different roles in different situations, but one thing they all have in common is that they are chosen again and again every single day, because consumers like them and trust them. That’s why I think we really hit the mark with the new vision, which states the aim to be “your friend in everyday life”. The vision also reflects the way we want to be perceived by business partners and everyone who has a relationship with us, and it expresses the way we seek to be towards others. – A reflection by friend and collegue – Dr. Handschuhe.


Do you believe in someone to trust for?
Why do you make me to puke?
Can you please help me to made?
Pig © 1969


Hurbus in hurbus flesh / 19.00, Früh tanzorama
+ fogmachine
+ Movies by Anette Gellein

Welcome to the finissage of Irene Gelleins first solo show in Vienna!

Finissage: 5.6.2018, 19:00 mit djHurbus + fogmachine

fAN fineartnetwork
Glockengasse 9
1020 Wien


Irene Gellein
A Stone in the Eye

In her works, a couple of dashes and smudges of watercolour more than adequately suggests the emotions of her subject (Sur sur, 2017), or a few strokes of a pen can easily capture the intimacy and awkwardness of a hug, (Hugs, 2017). Gellein knows that to make a likeness of someone its not necessary to render him or her completely; rather that the likeness “consists more in the general air than in the exact similitude of every feature.”

Irene Gellein is an artist studying at the academy of fine arts Vienna.

Kristine Kelich did her diploma at the academy of fine arts Vienna in 2015, and is now working as curator and artist in Vienna.

Kuratiert von Kristin Kelich
 15.5.2018, 19:00
Ausstellung: 16.5.–5.6.2018
by appointment. M +43 699 1161 5211
Finissage: 5.6.2018, 19:00 mit djHurbus + fogmachine