1. Guadalupe Aldrete “Dissociated Memory” (photo by Kunstdokumentation) 2. Sofia Cruz Rocha „Untitled“ 3. Paula Flores “Mexican Totems”

Parallel Editions

with works by Guadalupe Aldrete @guadalupe_aldrete Sofia Cruz Rocha @sofia.cruz.rocha Paula Flores @paula_flores_a

An experience that many of us share today is the feeling of exhaustion and extinction of the principles that sustained life. We feel the vertigo of the end of time when we ask ourselves how to imagine the world after the multiple crises of recent years on a planetary scale? We also feel it on a daily basis when the accelerated pace of consumption and productive demand leads us to say “there is no time”. The awareness of the extinction of natural resources has reaffirmed this experience that some thinkers have named as a “posthumous time”. In this context, the possibility of glimpsing a horizon of meaning has been strongly questioned and contemporary art has provides important keys to reimagine a livable world und forms of thought and sensibilities different from those that have entered into crisis.

Guadalupe Aldrete, Sofia Cruz Rocha and Paula Flores are three outstanding Mexican artists residing in Vienna who, in diverse ways, respond to these urgent challenges of our time. As a whole, their works provide a significant repertoire of imaginations and new horizons of life where affective memory, close relationships, mystical spirituality and a new relationship with nature recompose our ideas of the future.

Guadalupe Aldrete has focused her work on exploring the experience of the female body as a vital force, material power, and affective memory. Her work highlights a subtle and powerful use of organic materials with a high symbolic value that record traces of bodily transformations: coal, urine and mineral dyes. The works represented here show the revealing of parts of her body through photocopying and explore the affective memory that links her to other individuals in her family.

Sofia Cruz Rocha represents a set of key works that symbolically unites the macrocosm, heaven and earth, above and below, through various artistic strategies, based on certain principles of hermeticism that conjure up a materialized spirituality.

Paula Flores shows a set of works that show her insistent work in recent years to rethink the relationship between human life and nature, different from the dynamics of resource consumption that capital has dictated. Through collages, actions in the natural environment, and experimentation with organic and synthetic matter, she produces artificial ecosystems that reiterate a fragile human bond with other forms of life that needs to be reconnected. The three proposals suggest ways to approximate and reunify aspects of our vital experience that have ben fragmented under the current condition of life that have clearly evidences their condition of ruin and necessary renovation.

Text by Roselin Rodriuez Espinosa, May 2022

Opening: Thursday, 12 May 2022
Venue: Semperdepot, Lehargasse 8 (Tor 2), 1060 Vienna
Duration: May 12 – May 15, 2022