untitled, metal, 610 x 220 x 32 cm, 2019

Untitled MaJia

Thursday, June 24, 2021, 6:30 – 10pm 25.6. – 15.7. 2021

Greetings by Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler

Speech by Andreas Spiegel

It is not always and not everywhere possible to be able to say what one wants to express. Sometimes it is not the right moment, other times it is politically forbidden to call things by name or there are no words, no langua- ge, which one does not speak, be it one‘s own, which suddenly seems foreign or a foreign language. How does one say something when no language seems appropriate or tells something different than the mere words seem to convey? What does it mean when translation is the only language that can directly express the feeling of always speaking in another language, when translation itself articulates the space between..

Ma Jia‘s works raise the word for an art of translation. She uses the language
of abstraction, for example, to express messages that may not be said directly, to bring out in their abstraction precisely the prohibition against saying somet- hing. What is formally reminiscent of
the history of minimalist art is only the translation of a feeling of having to say it differently, to use a different language, to sound out the distance between the immediate and the communicable. In the language of abstraction, the gesture of abstracting, of translating into another language itself comes to speak. Literal- ly, abstraction marks the distance she maintains from the abstracted..

Andreas Spiegl

In Kooperation mit Herrn Hamed Alsayad von Space Flower