Speak Love.
Marie Jacotey, Valentin Postlmayr

Opening: Friday, May 24, 2019, 7pm
Venue: fAN Kunstverein @ DAS PACKHAUS Am Heumarkt 4 1030 Wien
Duration: May 24 – June 3, 2019
Opening Hours: by appointment

The seduction by the language of form shapes this moment of exchange between Marie Jacotey and Valentin Postlmayr. This multi-faceted contact, this confrontation, promises a phase of change. What are the motifs and conditions that enable certain actors to think or do something specific at a certain point in time and thus to transcend the spaces of thought and action assigned to their subject positions?

The Kunstverein fAN tries to counteract this disappearance, to open a space of art and for art, to enable a space of discourse, a space that offers support for a contentious culture – against all attempts at homogenization. Cultural imagines and discourses are the basis of societies insofar as they represent the social bond that allows people to enter into a binding exchange with one another in a certain space and in a certain epoch. Within the cultural formations, art still plays an important role, because in it communal and social values are created and cultivated with regard to an ideal, by trying to express in the sublimest way what man is driven to do.