white crocodile

Anna Schachinger

Dec 2016

curated by Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler

Eröffnung 15.12.2016, 18.30 Uhr/ Opening December 16, 6.30 p.m.

Dauer 15.12.2016 – 28.12.2016/ Duration Dec 15 – Dec 28

how to look into a crocodile mouth

how to catch a crocodile mid-air

how to feel your mother’s sturdy grip around your neck

how to stand closely as a group

about white crocodiles,

about fear.

(of taking responsibility)

(of your neighbor)

(of failing hard)

how to inhale common sense

and exhale white crocodiles

try to fly

Ewa Kaja

Dec 2016

curated by Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler

Eröffnung 08.12.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening December 8, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 09.12.2016 – 14.12.2016/ Duration Dec 9 – Dec 14

Ewa Kaja be­schäf­tigt sich in ih­ren Wer­ken mit dem Kör­per, der Kör­per­ober­flä­che und er­öff­net Fra­gen nach Iden­ti­tä­ten, Sicht­wei­sen, Kli­schees, Mo­ral und zeit­ge­nös­si­chen Ta­bus. Die Künst­le­rin zeigt welch zwin­gen­de, ge­heim­nis­vol­le Kraft in der Ver­kop­pe­lung von Schön­heit und Ver­gäng­lich­keit steckt. Sie stellt mit ih­ren Ar­bei­ten die Fra­ge ,,ob Schön­heit nicht prin­zi­pi­ell eine Ab­wehr ge­gen den Tod ist.“ (Freud ,,Ver­gäng­lich­keit“, 1915).

Fabian Seiz

Nov 2016

curated by Amer Abbas

Eröffnung 24.11.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening November 24, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 25.11.2016 – 01.12.2016/ Duration Dec 25 – Dec 1

Fabian Seiz zeigt uns Arbeiten aus dem Jahr 2016. “Who`s and Whys”, “Erster”, “Content”, “Drei Pfeifen”, “Vierter”. Mit dem Titel der Ausstellung “1,2,3,4” verweist Fabian Seiz vielleicht auf Billy Wilders Komödie (Eins, Zwei, Drei) von 1962 und fügt, in Seiz´scher Manier, ein “Viertes” hinzu. Entgegen einer vorherrschenden lustfeindlichen, asketischen Ich-Kultur öffnet Fabian Seiz den Vorhang zur Komödie. Lässt uns teilhaben am Wissen der Unbedingtheit der Kunst, die allein nur Hingabe zulässt. George Bataille sah in der Kultur den Befehl sich zu vergnügen, fast eine Nötigung zur Verausgabung, zu Glamour und Genuss – und damit zur Schönheit. Die Arbeiten von Fabian Seiz setzten über eine konkrete und sehr präzise ästhetische Form ein Spiel in Gang und das Spiel ist, Johann Huizinga stellt dies 1956 fest, ein Grundprinzip jeglicher Kultur. Die Arbeiten von Fabian Seiz erzeugen eine rezeptive Wachheit und Unruhe, sie lassen uns im besten Sinne zurück mit utopischen Verheißungen und dem Versprechen auf lustvolle Kühnheit. (Ute Burkhardt)

Rouven Dürr vs Franz Vana

Nov 2016

curated by Fabian Seiz

Eröffnung 03.11.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening November 3, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 04.11.2016 – 10.11.2016/ Duration Nov 4 – Nov 10

Self Hypnosis

Stelios Karamanolis/ Panos Papadopoulos

Oct 2016

Eröffnung 20.10.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Oct 20, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 21.10.2016 – 14.11.2016/ Duration Oct 21 – Nov 11

Leisure as a Mechanism for Resistance at parallel Vienna

curated by Daily Lazy

Sep 2016

Eröffnung 16.09.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Sep 16, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 17.09.2016 – 25.09.2016/ Duration Sep 17 – Sep 25

It is 2:56 am, and he still has trouble sleeping. He turns the light on and picks up the book that lies by his nightstand. He opens it to page 56.

He always believed that accidents are somehow destiny in disguise.

The question of the previous day still twirls in his head.

He stands up and walks towards the fridge. He realizes that the distance from his bed to the fridge is 28 steps – that equals 56 steps from his bed to the fridge and back.


He always worked too much. Too much that he never had time to think of himself as a distinct entity.

Yesterday, the girl at the gas station asked him if he is free on Friday.

Free on Friday?

Today is Wednesday, which is two days away from Friday.

If he could be with the girl in bed that would make it one + one = two.

He looks again at the clock that sits on top of his nightstand.

The time is 2:56 am.


That is what he does when he has time.                   – Irini Miga


Giorgos Kontis, Just Quist

Jul 2016

Eröffnung 20.07.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Jul 20, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 21.07.2016 – 27.07.2016/ Duration Jul 21 – Jul 27

Giorgos  Kontis  |  Just  Quist

A  sign  and  a  network.  The  image  as  such,  as  both,  and  also,  as  an  object;  not  intangible  but   rather  bearing  its  own  materiality,  physical  attributes,  a  body.

The  image,  having  signs  registered  on  it,  and  being  registered  with  its  turn  on  something   greater;  an  image  that  is  all  and  just  a  part.  A  shard  of  a  ceramic  vessel  that  has  followed  its  own   path  and  trajectory  in  time.  A  body  that  carries  its  own  history  and  memory  and  hovers  between   being  a  part  and  simultaneously  an  autonomous  entity,  thus,  having  this  duality  and  bearing   both  functions.  A  suspended  fragment  that  is  almost  mystic  and  mythical,  becoming  a  sign;  of   itself  and  of  its  broader  whole.

Thus,  the  image  as  a  presence  and  as  an  archetype  that  stands  beside,  though  cannot  escape,   this  general  whole,  the  net  in  which  it  is  caught,  its  context.

The  work  of  Giorgos  Kontis  (b  1981,  Athens)  focuses  on  abstract  painting  and  on  its  function  as   an  image.  It  becomes  a  contemplation  on  it  as  an  Icon,  on  the  autonomy  it  gains,  and  on  the  way   it  radiates  itself,  triggering  questions  on  authenticity  and  the  agency  of  the  artist.  He  is  currently   doing  a  practice  based  PhD  in  Painting  at  the  Royal  College  of  Art  in  London.

For  Just  Quist  (b  1965,  Dordrecht)  the  work  places  itself  in  an  agile  position  in  respect  to  the   different  contexts  within  which  it  arises.  He  is  looking  for  the  transitive  space,  a  space  hitherto   void  of  meaning.  A  space  in  transition,  where  no  meaning  can  be  defined  because  it  has  not  yet   arrived  in  its  entirety.  A  space  where  meanings  are  generated  by  the  connections  made,  where   acting  transforms  to  object.

The    . beneath white

Irini Miga

Jul 2016

Eröffnung 07.07.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Jul 7, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 08.07.2016 – 17.07.2016/ Duration Jul 8 – Jul 17

About to exit.

Basic things on the desk, a laptop and a chair.

The light from the ceiling – white – and it casts a big shadow of my head over the keypad.

charger – not to forget


point A to point B

Pause 2”

Window minimized.

           Nearly finished.

Eyes fixed on the door knot.

Tear off the page.

Stand up

Press delete and start anew.



tin cry

Eugen Wist

Jun 2016

Eröffnung 17.06.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Jun 17, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 18.06.2016 – 25.06.2016/ Duration Jun 18 – Jun 25

…the only sound no­ti­ce­able is the one I pro­du­ce mys­elf with each move – a di­lem­ma. No, ac­tual­ly I like it be­cau­se if one – like any nor­mal per­son – treads on the heel and then rolls with the bo­dy­weight along the sole, crus­hing all the stuff un­der­ne­ath, it ma­kes a crunch or crack­ling noi­se. Like if you step on limbs, sand or snow…

Milk as Currency.The Bio-Praxia of Giving

Irini Athanassakis

Jun 2016

Eröffnung 02.06.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Jun 2, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 03.06.2016 – 12.06.2016/ Duration Jun 3 – Jun 12

Towards a financial model derived from the Body: BioLogics.

The Eco­no­my can be con­side­red as a he­ri­ta­ge of the an­ci­ent hou­se hold and its in­herent laws. Fi­nan­ce could be seen as a a set of me­ans, me­thods and tech­no­lo­gies of dis­tri­bu­ting po­ten­ti­als from the past and the pre­sent to the fu­ture.

Due to its ab­strac­tion and im­port­an­ce to en­su­re the sur­vi­val of so­cie­ties, fi­nan­ce has been and still re­mains one of the core ques­ti­ons of how cul­tu­re and so­cie­ties de­fi­ne
them­sel­ves. With its gro­wing ma­the­ma­tiza­t­i­on, for­ma­liza­t­i­on and mo­de­li- za­t­i­on and the in­stal­la­ti­on of pro­ba­bi­li­ty as its cen­tral tool fi­nan­ce has in­cre­a­sin­gly dri­ven away from the nee­ds and rea­li­ties
of the bo­dies that are sub­ject to its laws and pre­scrip­ti­ons, i.e.
mo­ne­ta­ry pro­fits.

Iri­ni Atha­nassa­kis would like to pro­po­se a Bio-Pra­xeia of „Fi­nan­ce“ and con­sider Milk as one of the first cur­ren­cies (af­ter cells/​sperm, and blood).

All thought is in signs

Bobby Dowler

May 2016

Eröffnung 23.05.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening May 23, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 24.05.2016 – 30.05.2016/ Duration May 24 – May 30

For the ex­hi­bi­ti­on “All thought is in signs” at fAN my aim is to in­tro­du­ce and sha­re a collec­tion of dis­co­ve­ries, in the form of ‘Pain­ting-Ob­jects’ which I have made over the last few ye­ars. I at­tempt to en­ter into the me­di­um of pain­ting its­elf with a new in­de­pen­dent lan­gua­ge. Bob­by Dow­ler, 2016


Ein politisches Gemeinschaftsspiel: Bruno Kratochvil, Magdalena Gruber, Jasmin Schwendinger, Katharina Farnleitner, Maresi Riegner, Jan perschy, Julian Bruckmiller, Franz Gerald WErner, Valentin Postlmayr, Jubsi Kramar, Lilly Prohaska, Bela Baptiste, Eleni Stampfer

May 2016

Wahlabend - wir laden ein

You need a lot of tools to work with eternity

Johanne Rude Lindegaard, Victor Lizana

May 2016

Eröffnung 05.05.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening May 5, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 06.05.2016 – 15.05.2016/ Duration May 6 – May 15

Samsonow Salon Schizo-Analytique

Elisabeth von Samsonow talks with Veronika Franz und Severin Fiala

May 2016

Salon 21.04.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Salon April 21, 7.00 p.m.

Eden & Lernout vs Gregor Eldarb

curated by Fabian Seiz

April 2016

Eröffnung 08.04.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening April 8, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 09.04.2016 – 15.04.2016/ Duration April 9 – April 15


Juliana Lindenhofer, Line Finderup Jensen

Mar 2016

Eröffnung 11.03.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening March 11, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 12.03.2016 – 27.03.2016/ Duration March 12 – March 27

Samsonow Salon Schizo-Analytique

Elisabeth von Samsonow talks with Ashley Hans Scheirl

Feb 2016

Salon 18.02.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Salon Feb 18, 7.00 p.m.

Stadthallenbad/ Norbert geht ins Hotel

Anna Schachinger, Michael Fanta

Feb 2016

Eröffnung 10.02.2016, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Feb 10, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 11.02.2016 – 17.02.2016/ Duration Feb 11 – Feb 17

Helene Van Duijne vs Michael Gumhold

curated by Fabian Seiz

Jan 2016

Eröffnung 17.12.2015, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Dec 17, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 18.12.2015 – 13.01.2016/ Duration Dec 18 – Jan 13

Monologue with Equipment

Catrin Bolt, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Giorgi Okropridse, Prinzgau/Podgorschek, Nino Sekhniashvili

Dec 2015

Eröffnung 18.12.2015, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Dec 18, 7.00 p.m.

The group show is floating five different artistic approaches, which all address daily absurdities in our society, though. Georgian and Austrian artists of different generations approximate in a spectrum of methods and media to this theme.)

Die Sprachen der Kunst

Christian Ruschitzka

Jun 2015

Eröffnung 11.06.2015, 19.00 Uhr/ Opening Jun 11, 7.00 p.m.

Dauer 12.06.2015 – 14.06.2016/ Duration Jun 12 – Jun 14.

Die Sprachen der Kunst, Christian Ruschitzka

Exhibition/ Performance: Maresi Riegner, Katharina Farnleitner, Robert Pfaller, Dirk Stermann

Die Kunst hat immer ihre eigenen Sprachen besessen. Es waren nicht immer die freundlichsten, die anerkanntesten oder stubenreinsten: „Eine Ohrfeige dem öffentlichen Geschmack!“(Burljuk), „The dead ahead“ (Meret Oppenheim), „What is most lacking in women as in men is virility.“ (Valentine de Saint-Pont), „Deine Sprache kann mir nicht den Krebs erregen“ (Oswald Wiener), „Art is what you can get away with“ (Andy Warhol), etc. Es ist längst überfällige Aufgabe jeglichen Kunstinteresses, solchem Sprechen zuzuhören anstatt es in einem faden Brei von kulturwisssenschaftlichen Gemeinplätzen einzurühren. Nur so sind wir zuversichtlich, jenes Wissen zur Sprache kommen zu lassen, das gerade ihr Wissen und das von niemandem anderen ist. Ute Burkhardt.